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Graphic Designer
& Artist

Austė Parulytė             X               by austé studio

with the background of Communication/PR, Marketing, Business Management, and Arts


My expertise lies in crafting visual identities and visual communication assets, complemented by my artistic exploration of our living environments, especially cities and architecture ::: 

Clients &

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I can help you & your idea/project/business with


Visual identity (+logo)

I've always been intrigued by the concepts of 'identity' and 'image,' coming from my background in public relations and communication. Now as a brand designer I specialize in crafting cohesive visual identities for businesses, personal brands, and NGOs. This encompasses a range of elements including logo design, color schemes, typography selection, and the development of a unique visual language.


Once the brand's visual identity is established, I extend my services to designing social media visual identities and/or websites.


Event branding
& promotional videos

Experienced in branding events of various types and scales, I offer comprehensive event branding services. This includes conceptualizing a visual concept for the event, creating a complete 'visual language' package (including logo design), producing a wide range of promotional materials (both print and digital), and developing promotional videos.


Marketing campgain visual concept + designs (a-z)

Drawing from my creativity and background in marketing and business, I do create effective visual concepts for marketing campaigns. I specialize in crafting compelling key visuals and producing a wide range of digital and print materials to support your campaign objectives. From online banners to physical posters.


Editorial illustrations & animations

I've been drawing since before I could walk or talk, and my passion for illustration has never disappeared. I take great pleasure in crafting both still and animated illustrations to enrich editorial content, enhancing its visual appeal and narrative impact. My aim is to captivate your audience's attention and effectively convey messages. I particularly enjoy employing mixed-media techniques in my work, which range from linocuts and paper cuts to painting and deatiled digital illustrations.

::: As a graphic designer, I assist in launching, evolving, and effectively communicating your business / project / idea to its audience, while as an artist, I aim to inspire through ideas and aesthetics.

What clients say
about our work


Veronika Tamulionytė,
Film and Advertising Producer

"Together with Auste, we spent about a month developing the project from the initial idea to the final result. I was very surprised and enchanted by Auste's calmness, professionalism, ability to explain, present her idea and vision, clarify every detail, adapt to the situation and changing needs. Patience, quality, boundless sincerity, understanding, and incomprehensible professionalism - this is how I would describe this wonderful animator. A rare gem in the design industry!

The project process from Auste's side was extremely smooth and easy; I can say that I enjoyed the communication and the process itself tremendously, everything was incredibly smooth and clear.

Thank you very much for your help; I would like more people to see Auste's excellent work and experience what it means to work with such passion. Thank you once again."


Greta and Sandra, Vilnius Ethnic Culture Center

"Pleasant communication, understanding, creativity, attention to detail - these are the qualities we expect when collaborating with a designer. In creating the visual identity for the festival 'Skamba skamba kankliai', Auste fulfilled all these and more expectations both in terms of creative solutions and under pressing time constraints.

We are particularly pleased with the clear work process and deadlines set, as well as the sincere concern that the design work not only meets our own aesthetic perception and user needs but also ensures the successful implementation of further steps (printing works, production of video advertising based on Auste's design solutions). It was one of the best experiences of collaboration with a graphic designer!"


Agnė Grakšaitė, Sales and Sponsorship Manager (Klaipėda Youth Theatre)

"Auste created visuals for our youth-oriented film and creative academy. We thought about the visuals at the last minute, so Auste not only had the task of finding a solution that would captivate the eyes of 14-18 year olds and reflect the spirit of our theater but also had to do all of this quickly. We are very pleased with her ideas and quality work."


Lina Survila, Creator and Host of 'Abstract Conversations'

"One pleasure to work with Auste. She is sensitive to details, creative. Illustrates my thoughts perfectly even from a single sentence. Professionally and quickly responds to my impromptu ideas. :)) Thank you for your excellent contribution to creating Abstract Conversations!"


Things I am interested in
& take inspiration from


Despite my lifelong fascination with the intellectual and academic realms, I equally cherish the physical world in all its richness. Immersing myself in nature, I find grounding oppotunity and inspiration, often by indulging in activities like hiking, swimming, cycling, and more.


Though inspiration comes to me from both worlds, I'm particularly drawn to architecture and design, nature  in all its shapes & textures, and the diverse ideas and worldviews of people. During my travels, I I usually try ‘to cover’ all of that.


Driven by innate curiosity, I like to seek context, finding multidisciplinary fields like history, anthropology, and urbanism captivating. My enduring interests encompass human psychology, health-related topics, and sustainability, particularly its social dimensions.

Locations + Opennig Hours

I have two equally expressed sides, analytical & creative. I appreciate the dialogue which often happens between those two. The combination of them enables me to experience life highly sensitive manner but at the same time stay grounded & balanced. Of course, those two sides play the role in my professional path too - how do I solve my client’s ‘problems’ and how do I conduct the processes.



rational, defined & strategising


intuitive, open & playful

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