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Key visual & visual communication designs (collaboration with the "23:45" agency) | Bank of Lithuania


Bank of Lithuania (my collaboration with the "23:45" agency)



By the initiative of the Bank of Lithuania, the 14th of April was celebrated as the national Financial Literacy Day for the first time in Lithuania's history. The concept of the day, the organization as well as the promotion was was entrusted to the agency “23:45". A kite was chosen to be a symbol of the day, as it has long been known in Lithuanian folklore as one of the pagan gods, bringing wealth. "However, to manage it successfully, it is necessary to have certain skills. It's the same with personal finances - if we don't manage them properly ourselves, no one will do it for us and money will "fly away”,- the agency writes in its public release.

The kite leitmotif inspired the slogan #CatchtheFinancialWind

My task was to transform the main slogan into a key visual and create different designs for the celebration. From social media visuals, to outdoor advertising, interactive column, and a pin.

Credits for the photos: Eglė Šenderovienė.

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