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  • Auste Parulyte

My interior details in the exhibition “Kaunas Modernism Interpreted”

Last week, an exhibition called “Kaunas Modernism Interpreted” (September 21st – October 20th) opened. It is the final stop of our year-long project, commissioned by the Cultural capital city of Europe Kaunas 2022 to Laura Serra and Maxime Forest, co-founders of Kolektiv Cité Radieuse, based at the UNESCO-listed Le Corbusier Housing Unit in Marseille.

We participants selected through an open call were encouraged to expand and challenge our practices during a collective residency held at the House of Iljinai family in Kaunas in October 2021 (with the great designers & artists from Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Poland as speakers who shared their inspiring practices around interpreting modernism).

Architecture and urban subjects have been at the center of my creative practice ‘on the paper’ for some years already, so, quite naturally, I have recently felt the need to step out of the 2D plane into the more tangible and tactile dimensional sphere.

It is reflected in my design object series “(Re)constructed Modernism” through which I seek to interpret modernist buildings which are dear to me for their aesthetics.

I started my series with the eccentric House of Iljinai family (1933, architect Arno Funkas) prototypes - this building is the one that screams the loudest for me to stop, look at it, and “awe” whenever I pass by it.

Exhibition open for visitors: September 21st – October 20th

On Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

On Saturdays 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

The exhibition can be visited independently or by booking a guided tour, which includes the visit inside the Iljinai House and the Blank Page Studio

(by Amira Pociūtė)

Designers & artists whose interpretation you can see in the exhibition: Lukas Tomaševičius (Studio “Archetip”), Martyna Kildaitė, Rokas Mikšiūnas, Gertrūda Ramūnaitė-Dryžė, Laima Numavičė (Numas Studio), Rasa Anaitytė and Nicolas Leeber (Focal Point), Aušra Sedlevičiūtė, Povilas Vincentas Jankūnas, Ignas Čeponis, Jan Šrámek, Studio "Falbanka", Zuza Gadomska and others

: many thanks for a designer Justinas Dadonas (Panama Workshop) for the help with 3D printing


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